A unexpected conection.

I have 3 grandsons, and they are curious little buggers,b lol

We watched a video on you tube about waters reaction to words, 3 jars filled with white rice a quarter way and rest water.

The idea was to put a piece of paper on each one, with a word.

1- love -a positive word, 2- hard-working a negative word, 3- a indifferent word- coffee we chose, they are kids. Lol

Well for a month We head to say  the word taped on the jar, the same times 2x a day I believe, morning and before bed.So we did the experiment, and true enough..the Love word jar was crystal clear, the hate jar was green and black ..it was gross…and the last word

Was just a little bitdiscolored.but if we were everserved it at a restaurant We would of freaked….This amazed me, and then I watched Dr. EMOS You tube documentary  on the power of sound = vibrations on water. Now if you haven’t seen this you should stop…save yr spot, go watch it , you’ll  be changed forever, but wait until you hear what happened to me and my grandsons! …Dr. Emo, would put water under the microscope,  then freeze the drop, looking atthe slide it had no definate pattern, and the more polluted the water the worse the frozen drops looked.

Then The dr.. started playing with sound waves, different HZ, different type of music, people singing, monks chanting, meanwhile marking and freezing te drops each time.

When he showed us the frozen drops they weren’t shapeless blobs or nothing to note, all of a sudden they hadthemost prettiest patterns like snowflakes but still different each sound had a impact ..some more …some less… but itwas obvious we had a effect on water….it was concious!c

The two most dramatic sounds that caused the most dramaticcange was orchestra,  and the Monks chanting… In fact the Monks had the most impact of all.

After watching that, I really became aware of water, I was always a earth girl who loved water, but never thought of it geing concious as I did the trees and the earth.

Yet when I googled about connecting to trees I did come across some relly nice people who connected with water as I did to land?

I started thanking my water everyday, whether I was drinking it or showering in it, I thanked it for quenching  my thirst, washing my body, relaxing my soul with. Its beauty..

I said we are all connected brothers and sisters of the universe…I appreciate nd thank you…

Simple but said everyday.

Until I was sitting in the back yard with a cool glass of water, said my thanks, enjoying these on my face and earth under my feet wheni bent my glass for a sip and froze….


The water had crystal shapes in the glass, I was shocked, amazed, it wasn’t frozen. But Dr Emo had created many beautiful shapes fro drums the water was on and allkinds of other musical objects..

I just think I didn’t have that power in me to cause the effect. It was very humbling, I felt it shared a gift with me.

I shared it with my grandsons, they were awedalso but sad because they didn’t get to see it.

I said me ya we’ll try later after we come back from the local pond.

We went and We were upset because our little favorite pond was littered everywhere,  I had trash bags I my trunk.. and we just started cleaning out the buses and trees, and were we could reach in the fishing half, you had be to careful

Because people broke there fishing lines all the time and just left them. We filled up 3 bags of trash nd any cms nd bottles we could reach then we sat on a large tea rot over the water, I said a prayer grandsons joined in  too, and at the end I said water we took out ‘ll. The bottles we could reach if you want more out your gonna  have to help us , laughing and raced the boys to the beach to go eat, half a hour later my grandson was screaming  Gramma , gramma come here….now you guys know what I was thinking ? O M G.    he s hurt..

I ran and saw him standing next to the tree pointing, now I was confused and getting a bit upset with him for giving me a near heart attack. But when I looked down to where he was pointing , there was about 7 filthy bother filled with much right near the shore were we could reach them.

We  just looked at eachother

Soundless, shocked until my other grandson says I guess they heard you..the water helped you  gramma, I said it help us help it…and we all bursted out laughing!

This was not a experiment!

This happened to us…we were wowed…we connected..this was 2 yrs ago

We haven’t  had the chance to flea it all up again, they had moved in with their daddy, so we didn’t see each other as much as we would of liked. We did try last summer  but 2  outof the 3 didnt even try to help clean.

The oldest did, he remembered  it clearly  he said…but  it was so much worse with high grass and broken glass that you couldn’t see, fishing hooks everywhere that their mom wouldn’t let them even that close. …but I was disappointed  with myself, I slacked, and if you want to have strong connections with nature it can’t be at yr whim, …this summer I’ll be ready,  and I may clean up all the local. Ponds, after all it’s us humans. Dumping in them….maybe thats why the water didn’t react.

We left it ,broke the connection. Didnt even visit for 2 years…I just dont know.

But We felt ashamed,  and sad ,we lost a gift that we didnt even know existed.

As open minded and spiritual as I am why would I assume dirt, plants, trees were concious but underwater until youtube, that’s why were growing because once we hear what’s possible we try it…it’s like hopping once we see someone do it we know it’s possible…there for we recreate, and as I see people posting more and more things some I knew, like moving clouds with my mind..others I didn’t. ,

So we have to keep sharing, and not worrying what other  peiple think of us,

I’m judged by some of my closest family, It hurts but I feel bad for them. They are insecure and to concerned with being judged….I love connecting and growing ,do It and teaching more things everyday!

Judge me but I really feel bad for what your missing!


Now people start thanking your water! And maybe you’ll help clean some junk out. Of it even? If your your ow person no matter what people think , and It hurts I know, but cutting myself off spirituality  to fit in ,, would kill me,

I ratherhavevon my stone someday, here lies a crazy lady,  but she lies with a smile……

Be safe!







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Video of moving energy in thunderstorm.

I am going to upgrade soon and when I do I have a video from a Campground in Massachusetts that we stayed at.

and while the video is crooked and grainy it definitely shows energy.

not waves or any other form, just the thunderstorms energy in the air.

So I will be posting that very soon. If you look at the right side upper of picture and

zoom in abit you will see what I call Storm energy. Some of youse will understand

that when it’s thundering and lightening outside you yourself can feel energetic energy? Like sparks….it also is the easiest time for me at least to teach someone else to feel energy and see it in thier fingers…

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Understanding seeing the invisable but visible energy in the air…..

Hello, my name is Sissy and

I see energy everywhere( sort of like invisible static with moving waves) If you focus long enough you may see other colors… and watch solid items start to disappear.

The milky white waves you see are also coming out of the tips of your fingers as the energies want to connect ..and if you practise putting your hands out to connect to the energy you will feel a vibration in your fingers try it..

I have shown my young niece how to do it ,and I know it worked because of her giggling ‘it tickles she said with laughter..,no longer afraid. I’m not saying you will never need protection there is bad energy out there also. But if you meditate. Ground yourself and connect yourself with the power of white light (love)…negative energies can not hurt you.

I have seen some dark energies ,and know they can be scary.

You have the power to make them leave..remember this.

By the power of the white light.and all that is good and with love leave now!

There is so much to share on this subject. ..if you go to unseen Energy site  a site I love! ..you will notice many people asking questions. Sharing very similar stories. ..they are seeing invisible energies not illusions. Does it surprise me ..No..ł think many of us knew at a young age that this world isn’t as real as it seems.

I love connecting to Trees , water , its done by seeing images they send back to me along with short words of wisdom, or answers to questions, To do this all I do is find a Tree that is receptacle to my energy and touch. If it is it will feel warm. If not cold. I fill my heart up with as much love as I’m able and send it to the tree I’m trying to connect to along with a prayer of thanks..

Thank you Tree…you are tall and protective…wise and patient..I love you with all my heart and thank you for all the gifts and sacrifices you have done for Mankind. I would like to connect with you…We are all one! you can also connect to other elements, the common denominator is Love.

You haven’t felt love until you’ve connected with a Forrest of trees and felt unconditional love flowing though you. Many people are becoming aware in the last few years, some say to “save the earth” but in all reality the Earth will be here long after our kind. The elements just don’t want to be without our species.. They have all experienced long ago a silent connection to our people and still today to some indigious Tribes ,and is ecstatic that more people are becoming aware again. The Earth knows this is a must if we want to save ourselves from extinction. We only use a small part of our brain, but what if we developed more…or should I use those words as we already had the gift to communicate with nature long ago . So what we need is more conciousness effort. Because awareness is in us all . In our 30% brain. but has in the past been repressed either for survival from men, Religion or other reasons. .today many people are being called upon to awaken and spread the message.

Are you one of them? Well answer these question’s? When you were small did you feel different from most people? Did you often play with your imagination alone and sometimes believed you weren’t imagining? Did/Do you see invisable energy in the air? It forms many ways like when a standard television shuts off for the night and black and white dots flicker all over the place, but is more invisable? Do you see sparkles?

Do you connect and feel peaceful in nature? Have you seen spirits or felt them from childhood? Have you been afraid of the dark? Do electronics, watches , lights flicker, stop working? Crash? Do you see energy waves? There are a lot more but it’s a start. In the 1970’s people were shifting back to the belief all nature was alive and in all forms …hence the term (Tree Hugging Hippy)…It was very common to hear people talk open about all kinds of supernatural phenomena including seeing and talking to Spirits, UFO’s, reincarnation, out of body experiences.. every young teenager either had a experience or wanted One.

But then there was a quick shift ..propaganda on the news “do you think you see Spirits? Aliens? Have you been depressed, disallusional? Causing many people to question thier beliefs. Some stopped talking about them for fear their peers would judge them Crazy! Now what’s crazy is its the Scientist’s and goverment that started this programma.. They started studying remote viewing in 1960-1970’s after hearing that the Russian government had already started thier own remote viewing project years before. The Russian goverment put a extremely large sum into this program…

So the US feared they might be on to something. They were right! So it is of no surprise that our government wouldn’t want us to learn of it ,and worse in thier eyes be successful at it. We were on a course where our open mindedness learning was a threat to our goverment. You can read more at

Source: About

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A family of Ghosts, A true life story experienced by me, Sissy Shaw

I lived in this very old duplex in a Historical village
The old man Harold , who owned this old  duplex since he acquired it as a young man.

anyway he used to pick up the rent for years …when one day he was rambling on about the house and telling me that once upon a time it used to be a boarding house ,

and at the time the side entrances into the house were actually the front entrances. when the street was first made the house was the first one at the time, and People traveling, and looking for lodgings,and water for their horses would tie their horses out front (side now) and inquire about food and lodgings within.
He said there was about four rooming areas at the time…

and later on as they developed the street facing the side direction..which left this house the only one facing the wrong way. We always wondered why the house was sideways?
Anyway soon after Harold the old owner pasted away,and things started really happening & people started seeing and hearing things that they didn’t previously believe existed started making everyone a little uncomfortable to say the least.

The First time the word Ghost even speculated into our heads was when
my 2 year old son ran downstairs into my arms, tears falling down his puffy cheeks crying about the brown hair boy riding on his rocking horse and won’t get off!

Of course when we checked there was nothing on his horse.

We tried to think of other explanations

but a boy Ghost? No he must had a dream we thought.

..One day someone bought a rather large trash bag of old toys in ..and even before my 2 year old son could play with them….they started making noise all by their selves. More and more we were hearing Music boxes , and toys with pull strings …would just start making music or playing right out of the blue ,at many different times of the day and night? With no one near them?

..we all looked to each other.. but MOM  just said calmly its the little boy ghost he’s just checking them out..
Another incident was when I was getting ready to go out.

I could see behind me in the mirror.and in its reflection was a strangely dressed woman looking at me… When I turned around there was nothing.
My cousin came to visit ,and was staying in my sons room when he came down and asked if the house was spooked?

We said why looking at each other because we all had our incidents by this time that we had shared between each other ,but not my cousin. That I ..have left out of the blog for times sake anyway we asked him why, and he said he turned his head and saw a small boy and recently a tall blond man… At that moment I knew he had actually seen them as I had myself One night as I was laying down to sleep I rolled over and I looked up and saw a tall blond man with no shirt on
walking directly towards me … As he leaned over me I froze as he disappeared right though me. Before You could say boo! I was up and down the stairs on the couch for the rest of the night. This stuff happened often I’d fine the blond man coming towards my bed but he always disappeared?
Well the final episode happened again to me ….around a yr and half later.

Ijust put my son down on his bed for a nap, and was waiting for him to fall completely so I could get some chores done.

when all of a sudden I looked up and saw a family “the blond man, his wife, a little girl and the small boy there.”

Right in front of me…..but not quite.. as I could see them in such detail but also right though them.

They were dressed old fashioned .the mother and daughter in long dresses with bonnets the little girl had a hand warmer that she put both of her hand into.

both dresses were long but the woman’s to the floor, the little girls was around 6″ above ankle..she wore tights and boots to her ankles also.

and the son was dressed in little nickers…My heart stopped as I took in all the details and then I just froze in a panic I’d seen spirits before but this time I realized the wife and her husband were actually discussing me??

my heart was pounding out of my chest! They looked calm, as they looked to me then back at eachother? Was it about him coming in my room?
I was scared to death ,I squeezed my eyes shut and repeatedly begged them to go away.. To go to the white light! ..telling them I couldn’t handle this …and thankfully they did.
The next week when Harold’s son was over collecting the rent

I asked him about what his father said about the houses old structure, and about it really being a rooming house.
He said yes it was true… but then there was a fire ,and a family was caught in it and died one night. At the time they kept what was left of the structure and changed it into a duplex.
That is my story believe it or not….but it’s True!

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I see and connect to energy in the air, and the earth.

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What Do Sparkles (and Orbs, and Spirit Lights) Look Like? By Melissa Leath

Kids Growing Up Psychic Series “Some smaller children see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. Yet others see them…

Source: What Do Sparkles (and Orbs, and Spirit Lights) Look Like? By Melissa Leath

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Seeing energy, Sparkles in the air

  • Unseen energy? Seeing energy? There  seems to be a lot of people experiencing this  phenomenon or admitting to it after living with this secret for many years. One only has to look at ” unsee…

Source: Seeing energy, Sparkles in the air

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