Seeing energy, Sparkles in the air

  • Unseen energy? Seeing energy?
  • There  seems to be a lot of people experiencing this  phenomenon or admitting to it after living with this secret for many years. One only has to look at ” unseen Energy” page it has received  over 89.000 hits making me wonder how common this may be after all?
  • Many call it rain. Invisible air. Static. Some see colors. Sparkles. Even energy people , and waves ..some milky white… Others dark…what does everyone think this is? What does it mean?
  • Oh I’ve had my eyes checked because of the Sparkles a few times my retina are intact.
  • I believe the earth itself is alive. As well as the elements, trees have a strong life force as does Water . and I’m sure there’s much more.  What I noticed after years of being afraid? Is the energies want to connect with us.
  • And mostly I feel a loving vibe. Not to say there isn’t bad energy out there …of course there is , but as long as you learn to protect yourself , and a line your self with these good energies you Will Be protected.
  • The Awakening is here, and whose to say humans are just involved?  Read,  learn, meditate , and connect.I truly believe we could do so much more together. I  am in RI. .you can email me at anytime         let’s open our eyes, all our sence’s and share our wisdom and learn from each other….Sissy

About sissy817

Hello, I see energy everywhere( sort of like invisible static with moving waves) If you focus long enough you may see other colors... and watch solid items start to disappear. The milky white waves you see are also coming out of the tips of your fingers as the energies want to connect ..and if you practise putting your hands out to connect to the energy you will feel a vibration in your fingers try it.. iIhave shown my young niece how to do it ,and I know it worked because of her giggling 'it tickles she said with laughter..,no longer afraid. I'm not saying you will never need protection there is bad energy out there also. But if you meditate. Ground yourself and connect yourself with the power of white light .....negative energies can not hurt you. I have seen some dark energies ,and know they can be scary. You have the power to make them leave..remember this. By the power of the white light.and all that is good and with love leave now! There is so much to share on this subject. ..if you go to unseen Energy site will notice many people asking questions. Sharing very similar stories. ..they are seeing invisible energies not illusions. Does it surprise me ..No..ł think many of us knew at a young age that this world isn't as real as it seems. I love connecting to Trees , water , its done by seeing images they send back to me along with short words of wisdom, or answers to questions, To do this all I do is find a Tree that is receptacle to my energy and touch. If it is it will feel warm. If not cold. I fill my heart up with as much love as I'm able and send it to the tree I'm trying to connect to along with a prayer of thanks.. Thank you are tall and protective...wise and patient..I love you with all my heart and thank you for all the gifts and sacrifices you have done for Mankind. I would like to connect with you...We are all one! you can also connect to other elements, the common denominator is Love. You haven't felt love until you've connected with a Forrest of trees and felt unconditional love flowing though you. Many people are becoming aware in the last few years, some say to "save the earth" but in all reality the Earth will be here long after our kind. The elements just don't want to be without our species.. They have all experienced long ago a silent connection to our people and still today to some indigious Tribes ,and is ecstatic that more people are becoming aware again. The Earth knows this is a must if we want to save ourselves from extinction. We only use a small part of our brain, but what if we developed more...or should I use those words as we already had the gift to communicate with nature long ago . So what we need is more conciousness effort. Because awareness is in us all . In our 30% brain. but has in the past been repressed either for survival from men, Religion or other reasons. .today many people are being called upon to awaken and spread the message. Are you one of them? Well answer these question's? When you were small did you feel different from most people? Did you often play with your imagination alone and sometimes believed you weren't imagining? Did/Do you see invisable energy in the air? It forms many ways like when a standard television shuts off for the night and black and white dots flicker all over the place, but is more invisable? Do you see sparkles? Do you connect and feel peaceful in nature? Have you seen spirits or felt them from childhood? Have you been afraid of the dark? Do electronics, watches , lights flicker, stop working? Crash? Do you see energy waves? There are a lot more but it's a start. In the 1970's people were shifting back to the belief all nature was alive and in all forms ...hence the term (Tree Hugging Hippy)...It was very common to hear people talk open about all kinds of supernatural phenomena including seeing and talking to Spirits, UFO's, reincarnation, out of body experiences.. every young teenager either had a experience or wanted One. But then there was a quick shift ..propaganda on the news "do you think you see Spirits? Aliens? Have you been depressed, disallusional? Causing many people to question thier beliefs. Some stopped talking about them for fear their peers would judge them Crazy! Now what's crazy is its the Scientist's and goverment that started this programma.. They started studying remote viewing in 1960-1970's after hearing that the Russian government had already started thier own remote viewing project years before. The Russian goverment put a extremely large sum into this program...So the US feared they might be on to something. They were right! So it is of no surprise that our government wouldn't want us to learn of it ,and worse in thier eyes be successful at it. We were on a course where our open mindedness learning was a threat to our goverment. You can read more at Though a book was published in 1977 call mind reach and the US government opened a program called parapschology in 1978 I know I covered alot of subjects briefly so let me back up to energies.. what do you see and how do you feel about it. Do you feel it's part of the awakening? Please leave your email address in case someone wants help understanding. Some of us are farther advanced or comfortable then some newer ones. we are here to help each other therefor helping ourselves to grow. My name is Sissy I am from RI. My email is contact me anytime! Sincerely, Rita Shaw your Sent from my iPad I like people. Especially children and the elderly. I have a very curious mind so I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing. Lol
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